LoveCare & Storage 
of your fresh purchase.

You'll find us 
in the Fresh Bread Aisle!

Storage Suggestions

Use or Freeze by date on Package

We sell our loaves Fresh and Whole
We think it helps preserve the freshness.

If you're going to store your fresh purchase in the freezer, we recommend slicing each loaf before storing your bread in the freezer. That way you can grab however many slices you want and thaw them individually vs thawing a whole loaf at one time.

Chef Tip/Prep Tip
Local Chefs have reported that freezing our loaves for 15 to 20 minutes, prior to slicing can help you slice the loaf with greater ease and get a nice even slice.

You may choose to separate every two bread slices with sheets of parchment paper.​

Freezer to Sandwich: 

1. Thaw your wrapped slices or loaf
 in the refrigerator overnight.

2. Use Defrost or Frozen Option
 on your Toaster

3. Defrost  Wrapped Bread slices
in the microwave