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Our Mission:  to "Bake you"  Love Bread again

Hi My name is Gina Sandora. I love bread. I invite you to try my Gluten Free Honey Buttermilk Sandwich bread and you think you’ll be a believer. 

My Story: In 1996, I started a doctor guided diet of elimination. Fibromyalgia had been wracking my body with constant pain for 7 years. I was willing to try almost anything to be rid of this pain. I had tried many traditional and non traditional medical methods to try to manage the pain and they made no difference, in fact they only created more problems. 

Then I met Dr. Priscilla Skerry, she recommended major changes in my lifestyle and diet. This diet was strict and gluten was on top of the list of no, no’s. Wow, who knew that a few grains could do so much damage to your health. I have to say that the entire diet was a true challenge, but I did it, and I have been well for the last 20 years. I encourage you to seek the help of a Naturopathic doctor.  

 In 2009, I began with a plan to help create allergy friendly menus. I just wanted to be able to "dine out" with friends and family. After several menu consultations, I learned that there was a “greater knead” for better tasting gluten-free bread. 

At that same time, I had just started dabbling in gluten free baking. Over time, I was able to create a new baking technique. The result was a fabulously fluffy loaf of bread with a beautiful crust. I decided to bring my bread to restaurants to sample it out. And the rest is in the dough....

The Fan Favorite is our Honey Buttermilk Sandwich Bread and Sandwich rolls. 
 Over the years we’ve baked many varieties. We’ll bring them back from time to time. 
Dream-a-Weat, Anadama, Rye-less Rye, County Buckwheat, Cinnamon Raisin Bran, and Honey Pineapple Sourdough.

I am humbled and inspired by the positive response and encouragement I receive from our customers. I am proud of the difference our products are making in the lives of those with gluten intolerance and folks who suffer from Celiac disease.

You can follow this link to see where to buy or dine with our products. Thank you. http://www.allergeena.com/directions.html