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AllerGeena Gluten Free Baked Goods
Gluten Free ~ Lucky Me! 

AllerGeena's bakery business name is word play. 
My name is Gina
 and I have a lot of allergies. 
 (I crack myself up)

 "Gluten Free ~ Lucky Me."
Is our company slogan 
but it really means so much more.  

Before I changed my diet to gluten-free, I had fibromyalgia. 
I spent 7 years of my life trying to find a way to feel like myself again.

Fibromyalgia is a painful, frustrating, life altering illness. 
Every day, I woke to constant pain, everywhere, head to toe pain.
Come on....I thought to myself... this can't be my life...

I tried all things medical, natural, mystical and a bit weird just to feel better. 

Nothing worked, not even a little break from pain,

Until finally, I learned that gluten was a common dietary irritant.

The results of my medically supervised diet were amazing.  
I told everyone what I was doing and how it changed my life. 
 In fact, you couldn't shut me up about it for a good year or so...
(Still can't...oh well) 
It took about 4 months to feel real results, 
and that's a long time to wait for relief, 
but it worked, and I have never felt better.  

I'm glad that I learned how to feel well again...I feel pretty lucky. 
I'm glad I have this bakery of mine,...it's my way of doing and feeling my best. 

Truly a labor of love.