Hi Gina: Just picked up my first order tonight....I am sold! Amazing bread and muffins. I'm going to have to pace myself...I swear I could eat that whole loaf of bread tonight! Thank you. Diane M.

BEST gluten free Bread - I've ever eaten.
Allergeena makes the BEST gluten free bread I've ever eaten, and in my 10 years of being gluten free I've tried many. This is REAL bread, like your grandmother used to bake. You will actually forget what it means to eat gluten free after having her bread! Fluffy, excellent texture, wonderful flavor, makes for a fabulous sandwich and outstanding French toast! I discovered her bread at a local sandwich shop several years ago and have been recommending it to every gluten free person I meet ever since. You won't be disappointed! Rebecca O. 

I cannot stop raving about your bread, seems like I am telling everyone I know. Beth F. New Hampshire 

It's Magic
Of all the gluten free bread, yours is by far the best. Any chance you could open a branch in Ipswich, MA?  In all seriousness, it would be great... Your bread is amazing. Your bread is far above anyone else's...and is something those of us with gluten issues really need to get out is Magic!... Let me know if I could help.  After eating your bread I feel it is important you grow! If you can't open a branch here, could you distribute this far or sell some to me by mail? ~ Cheers From: Al B. Ipswich, MA

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