Certified Gluten Free Ingredients Statement.
We purchase all of our ingredients from 
CGF Manufacturers and suppliers.
Please check each label for your specific dietary needs.
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We operate a wholesale bakery.
We proudly serve small grocers and restaurants.
Our baked goods have captured the hearts of customers, 
chefs, and restaurateurs all over Maine
To place an order, please give us a call at 207-671-4397.

Check out our Review page to see what people 
are saying about our products.

Let's start with our bread.
It's soft on the inside and crusty on the outside, 
making it the perfect choice for your favorite sandwich. 
We offer three different loaf sizes to cater to your needs.

Order Bread:
Toast Box, Square Loaf which measures 5 x 5 X 5 inches. 
Standard-sized loaf is 9 x 5 inches. 
And Deli Sized EXL Loaf, measuring 11 x 4 inches.

Sandwich Rolls: 
These fluffy 4-inch rounds in bulk or 4pkx. Perfect taste and texture 
and most importantly won't crumble on you. 
They're great for any sandwich creation you have in mind.

Gluten Free Pizza crust:
These pre-baked crusts have a tender crispness
 and a foldable crust that you'll love. 
Variety: Sourdough with Garlic and Herbs 
(vegan & natural yeast)

Our Pre-Baked Pizza Crusts are incredibly convenient. 
Just 5 minutes in a standard pizza commercial conveyor oven.
 It's that easy! 

Customers, please note that our Sourdough Pizza Crusts
 are only available for wholesale only. 
They come in 12-inch rounds, packed by the dozen.

To place an order, please give us a call at 207-671-4397.
Wholesale inquiries are welcome.
Please note that we do not offer retail hours
No bakery storefront. (wholesale orders)
You can call to schedule pick-up or delivery.

Thank you for considering AllerGeena's Gluten Free Bakery. 
We can't wait to provide you with our delicious gluten-free treats!
Check out our Review page to see what people say. 

Picture  pizza creations go to @reragf on INSTA 
a fellow gluten free baker and 
True Fan @allergeena GF Sourdough pizza crusts.