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Our bakery business name is AllerGeena
My name is Gina... and I have a lot of allergies...
So...AllerGeena seemed to work, plus... I crack myself up.

 "Gluten Free ~ Lucky Me." 
is our catchy slogan, 
(but it really means so much more...)

Before I changed my diet to gluten-free, I had Fibromyalgia.

There was little known about Fibromyalgia at the time (early 1990's) and I became frustrated with the results of traditional medicine.

Fibromyalgia is a painful, frustrating, life altering illness. Every day, I woke to constant pain, everywhere, head to toe pain. Come on....(I thought to myself)... this can't be my life.

I tried all things medical, natural, mystical and a bit weird just to feel better. Nothing worked, not even a little break from pain. After 7 years of searching for a way to feel like myself again, I learned that gluten is common dietary irritant, and it causes inflammation.

My newfound enlightenment came from my Naturopathic Doctor. Naturopathic medicine helps heal the mind, body and soul. Walking around in a body in pain can do more that limit your movement. My doctor gave me an education in nutrition and a personal care plan to change my life.

Four months later, I felt real results!  It's not a miracle pill, I get it it...that's a long time to wait for relief, but it worked, and I have never felt better.  Find the right doctor for you. It's worth it.

I'll tell you what...
I was beaming with happiness, and everywhere I went, People asked, "why are you so happy?" 
 I told everyone who asked and even some who didn't .... but I just couldn't help myself so...
Gluten Free-Lucky Me!

I've been telling my story of recovery for years. Ask me anytime. 

I am so happy that I continued my search and learned how to feel well again.

AllerGeena's bakery started with a simple conversation. While helping a restauranteur develop a gluten free menu. I mentioned that I baked....Jump ahead 14 Years later and I'm still working on a continual quest of ever improving gluten free baked goods. 

One of the most rewarding parts of running a bakery is the opportunity to develop and test new products. If you're working on a new gluten free product and need some experienced insight. 
Feel free to contact me.