Welcome to AllerGeena Gluten Free Baked Goods

We Bake Delicious Gluten Free Sandwich Bread, 
Sandwich Rolls, and Pizza Crusts. 

Dear Gluten Free Family, Friends, and Fans.
We Now Operate a Wholesale Bakery. 

There are no Retail Sale Bakery Hours. 

Look For Us In the Fresh Bread Aisle
Portland: Portland Food CO-OP 
Scarborough: On the Vine Marketplace

We offer our bread for sale at local grocery stores,
 and we also sell our bread, rolls and pizza crusts to 
restaurants, and sandwich shops.

See "Buy or Dine"

AllerGeena Gluten Free Baked Goods
South Portland, Maine 

Allergy information:  Gluten Free, Nut free & Soy free.
Some products are also dairy free. 
Hooray! Now you can have a Sandwich!