"We're all about the bread"
We Bake Sandwich Bread Varieties,
Kaiser Rolls, Muffins & Pizza Crusts in our
100% Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery

AllerGeena Gluten Free Bakery bakes a delicious variety of handcrafted,
artisan style fresh baked goods.

  • All of our baked goods and flour blends are developed are our bakery.
  • Our ingredients are sourced from dedicated gluten free facilities
  • Our bread products are gluten, soy* and nut free
  • One of our bread products contains dairy (Honey Buttermilk)
  • (Note: *products that contain chocolate chips will contain soy lecithin)

Our sandwich bread and sandwich roll products are:

  • Large, soft and tasty
  • Available for Pick up if you pre-order.
  • ONLY Available in Maine (we ship in-state)
  • Find our products at these fine stores and restaurant locations
  • Packaged, labeled and delivered whole/un-sliced
  • Can be refrigerated or frozen for a longer shelf life

AllerGeena established in March 2010. 
We are enjoying an adventure in baking, business and life.
We think you’ll enjoy our products and we welcome your feedback.

Retail and Wholesale inquiries welcome.
please contact us (HERE)
Bakery Location: Corner of Grand view Ave and Tremont St.
Address: 24 Grand view Avenue, South.Portland, Maine 04106 
Contact: Allergeena@maine.rr.com
Call 207-671-4397