"We're all about the bread"

We Bake Sandwich Bread
Kaiser Rolls, Muffins & Pizza Crusts

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I love my craft and I research it everyday.

  • We bake for people with Celiac's disease, gluten intolerance and other special diets.
  • We wholesale to local restaurants, grocery stores and sandwich shops.
  • We specialize in artisan style sandwich bread. All of our recipes are authentic and have been thoughtfully improved over the past 5 years.


We focus on the ultimate bread and pizza experience.

  • All bread products are Gluten Free, Nut free and Soy free*  We also offer sandwich rolls, and pizza crust varieties. 
  • Our loaves are soft inside and crusty outside, just the way bread should be. Our loaves are also larger and lighter than other similar products in the market.
  • Our fan base is more than enthusiastic; they are my sales force and my cheer leaders. They want our products and they’re not afraid to ask for it.

AllerGeena was established in March 2010.
We are enjoying an adventure in baking, business and life.

Bakery Location: Corner of
Grandview Ave and Tremont St.
Address: 24 Grandview Avenue,
South Portland, Maine 04106 
Contact: Allergeena@maine.rr.com
Call 207-671-4397