Lucky Me

"We're all about the bread"
Our fans are our cheer leaders, thank you for your support.

We make our baked goods 
the old fashioned way
... by hand.

We bake Delicious Sandwich Bread, 
Sandwich Rolls & Pizza Crusts.  
We operate a wholesale bakery.

You will find our bread products
 in the fresh bread aisle at the following locations: 
Portland: Portland Food CO-OP
Scarborough: On the Vine Marketplace

Our focus is the ultimate bread & pizza crust experience.
  We bake (2) two Regular Sandwich Bread Varieties.
  We also offer sandwich rolls in the same varieties.

We have (2) Two pizza crust varieties both are dairy free.
Original Rice Flour Pizza crusts w/ Garlic & Italian herbs

NEW! Sourdough Buckwheat Pizza Crust 
(also egg-free) available in 7 and 10 inch sizes.

Allergy information: All Bread, roll and Pizza products are: 
Gluten Free, Nut free & Soy free, most are dairy free.
Our sourdough pizza is also egg free.

AllerGeena was established in March 2010. 
We are enjoying an adventure in baking, business and life. 
We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. 
Thank you.